Simply Chic by Nikki Review and Reveal


I had the pleasure of recently of reviewing a wonderful company called Simply Chic by Nikki. Nikki is SUCH a sweet woman, and works so SO hard to make sure her products are simply wonderful for her customers! Her candles (both with and without jewelry) are all natural soy candles. But, the great part is that she also offers so many other all natural products for hair and skin care. What more could a woman want?! She was so sweet to provide me with one of her surprise candles to review. Her candles are 8 oz all natural hand poured soy candles with (or without if you choose) a hidden ring inside. Her rings are valued anywhere from $15 to $60, and are just gorgeous! With Simply Chic by Nikki, you can also choose your ring size, which I absolutely love! There is no disappointment that your gorgeous ring won’t fit with that option. 

Photo Aug 14, 11 58 27 AM

I chose the scent Honeydew Melon, as I love fruity scents, and it is also one of her best sellers. Her candle tins are SO cute, and the glitter on top of the candle was the perfect touch. The scent of the candle hit me as soon as I opened the tin. It smelled DELICIOUS! If i had to compare this scent to one of the larger candle/body product companies who offer a similar scent, I would say that she knocked it out of the park. The scent started to fill up the room as soon as I lit the candle, and it looked so pretty burning as the glitter swirled in the wax (the pictures definitely don’t do it justice). I could smell the notes of melon right away, with a sweet, gentle after-tone. 

I burned my candle for close to 4 hours before the foil containing my ring was revealed. I was NOT taking a chance on this gorgeous candle getting ruined by digging for my prize!! It was honestly very slow burning, which is great because your candle with last for so long! Once I could easily pull out the foil, I used tweezers to retrieve my prize. It came out super smooth with the premium soy wax! As I was filming my reveal (video to be uploaded later), I could barely get out an intro because I was so excited to get to my ring! I am used to being a “digger” (yes, I confess), so waiting on this one about killed me. But, when I finally got to my prize, it was DEFINITELY worth the wait!!

Photo Aug 14, 5 02 45 PM

Now, if any of you know me personally, you know that I have been OBSESSED with finding a mystic topaz (sometimes called rainbow topaz) ring in one of my candles. Well, glory hallelujah the day finally came!!! It may have been just me, but I am pretty sure a host of angel started singing when I pulled the foil off… ;) 

Photo Aug 14, 5 34 24 PM-1   

Photo Aug 14, 5 36 44 PMPhoto Aug 14, 5 35 23 PM

Do you see what I mean, GORGEOUS right?!? I am absolutely in love with this ring! It was marked .925, so I knew that it was sterling silver. Nikki confirmed that the suggested retail value was about $39 for this ring. That is the price of TWO of her jewelry candles! I am so in love with this company and will definitely be ordering from her again soon! I can’t wait to also try all of the great body products that she makes as well. They look wonderful! Another cool item that Simply Chic by Nikki offers is a CandleGram. Her CandleGrams include four of her 8 oz soy candles (in your choice of scents) in the cutest decorative box. It would make a GREAT present for birthdays, anniversaries, or even Mother’s day. 


Overall, I was SO pleased with this company! And please know that all of the opinions in this review are my own, and I was in no way influenced by this company to promote them. I am honestly this pleased with my experience! Nikki puts so much hard work into her products, and back into her customers and fans. The candle was beautiful and smelled amazing. Also, her jewelry candles are only $20, compared to other brands that start around $25 (and only get more expensive from there). The ring that I got can speak for itself, STUNNING! You will NOT be disappointed, especially because you get to pick your size. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone, and I can’t wait to order some of her other products so I can try them first hand as well! 

To get your own jewelry candle, or other all natural products, go to SIMPLY CHIC BY NIKKI and make sure to like SIMPLY CHIC BY NIKKI on facebook to enter in her monthly giveaways, and receive updates on new products.

I am in the process of getting my (new) YouTube channel up and running, and will also be posting the ring reveal for this review within the next few days. I will insert the link into this post, and make a new post as well. Thank you guys for all of your support! 

Make sure to follow SMASH. on wordpress and on Facebook for more reveals, reviews, and giveaways. (P.S. I am going to posting my own giveaway VERY soon, stay tuned…)

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